Pioneer Auto Show has variety to purchase-from cars to Betty Boop

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Even with the possibility of the United States slipping into another recession in 2011, art and antiques prices around the world are rising, according to a 2010 British survey. Investors are looking for safe places to put their funds.

The survey reported a 17% increase in the prices of art and antiques, with silver and jewelry the strongest sectors due to the rising values of precious metals. Art was another strong sector.

"Even with a rough economy, arts and antiques have remained pretty resilient as an investment," said Dave Geisler, owner of Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, S.D.

At Pioneer Auto Show's Hallmark Gift Shop, there are over 4,500 square feet of collectibles for 50s enthusiasts. Visitors can shop for antiques and other souvenirs such as:

• Betty Boop
• Marilyn Monroe
• James Dean
• Elvis
• Specialty cars, caps, and road signs
• T-shirts
• Motorcycle and harley corner
• Antique Coca-Cola products
• Antique toys and other collectibles
• John Deere and other antique farm memorabilia
• Books from yesteryear to today
• Beautiful Black Hills jewelry
• Salt & pepper shakers, cookie jars, napkin holders, piggy banks and more

Pioneer Auto Show's online gift shop can be found at, and users can browse for an even wider variety of vintage antiques, from toys to retro clocks to boot hooks to items for the home such as calendars.

"Visit us and see our 42 buildings of exhibits, then buy your valuable antiques in our gift shop. Or go online and look at our options there. We are the headquarters for your unique antique investments," Geisler said.

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