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Murdo, S.D., is home to Dave Geisler, your "friend beside the road." That's how he introduces himself when visitors stop at the Pioneer Auto Show museum. Murdo isn't much longer than a blink as cars speed along I-90. A few hundred people call Murdo home, so it is hardly a major metropolis. But it has something other places don't always have.

I'm not talking about the vintage car museum or rock and fossil collection, or the reconstructed pioneer village - all of which are grand in themselves. Honestly speaking, Murdo has warmth. Dave, with educational roots at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska, emanates the love of God in Christ as he rolls out the welcome mat "beside the road." Many visitors stop for a meal, a tank of gasoline, and a respite from travel by viewing the museum displays.

They depart with much more, once they meet Dave, smiles abound. It's a place big on "good feelings." I don't think Dave could be so warm and welcoming, if it were not for the love he has for his Savior. Chris's compassion shines from each smile and wink Dave delivers, each joke and kind word, each honest expression of Christian compassion. It's great to see Christ beside life's road. He lightens our load of cares.

He carries away our heavy sins. He fills our human tanks with love. He points us to the correct path down the road, ending with eternal life in heaven. Christ is grace personified. If you ever stop in Murdo, ask for Dave. See if I'm right. Even more important, catch his vision and be a light for Christ, or truest Friend Beside the Road.

International Lutheran Laymen's League

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