Holiday Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

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For some, the thought of Christmas immediately brings to mind the dreaded task of holiday shopping: wracking your brain trying to figure out the perfect gift for each person, fighting the crowds at the store, and wrestling over the last must-have toy on display. While we can’t ward off the masses at the mall or ensure you’re able to snag the highly sought-after gadget of the season, we here at Pioneer Auto Show can help you with some ideas for Christmas gifts for the classic enthusiasts in your life. And even better – many of the following are items you can purchase online or right here at the Pioneer Auto Show, eliminating the need for a frantic trip through busy stores. Read on for some inspiration, then go cross some names off of your holiday shopping list!

Show Off Their Style

Help your car aficionado show off their love of automobiles to the world with these unique presents:

  • T-Shirt from Pioneer Auto Show. What better way to showcase your love for cars than a t-shirt from the place that has over 275 classic cars on display year-round? We carry a variety of sizes, including children’s, in many colors and designs. Stop in today to browse our selection, and while you’re at it, treat yourself to a walk through our museum! If you’re unable to make it in, give us a call at (605) 669-2691 and we’ll be happy to take your order by phone.
  • Car Speedometer Cuff Links. Both unique and classy, these cufflinks won’t leave a huge dent in your wallet and are hand-crafted to suit your recipient’s style.

Keep Their Car Immaculate

Those who love cars also care about keeping their beauties clean and safe from damage, and a gift of one of the following to help them in this endeavor can really show them how much you care:

  • Car seat covers. They are not only crucial for safeguarding the interior of a car from dirt and spills, but they can also kick a car’s style up a notch. These ones from Carhartt are durable, water repellant, and can even keep your dog comfy while keeping your seats protected.
  • Car buffer. Keeping up on getting your car professionally detailed costs a lot of money, making a buffer kit an essential for anyone who wants to keep their car looking like new. And you won’t have to spend a fortune for a decent model, as many retailers like Wal-Mart offer several brands both in-store and online.
  • Car seat gap filler. These handy gadgets fit between the seat and center console of cars to keep crumbs, change, and fries out of those hard-to-reach areas. They are inexpensive and available at a variety of retailers, including Amazon.

For the Kids

 Keep the young car fan in your life up to speed with the following gifts:

  • Theo Klein Interactive Service Car Station. Featuring the front end of a vehicle where little ones can check the oil, rotate tires, and even take the engine apart and put it back together again, the Theo Klein Interactive Service Car Station is the perfect practice for a future spent car tinkering. It’s ideal for ages 3 and up and available online and at a variety of retailers.
  • Matchbox cars. A classic for generations, it’s hard to go wrong with Matchbox cars. Every year the company releases new models, making them an easy go-to year after year. It’s always a good time to start a kid’s collection!

 If you still haven’t found the perfect present for that special someone, stop into Pioneer Auto Show’s gift shop and shop our selection of books, apparel, memorabilia and toys. From all of us at the Pioneer Auto Show, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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