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Tis the season for family vacations and that includes Fido. He is part of the family after all, so why leave him home when you can bring him along for the ride. He likes a road trip as much as the rest of the family. There are some things that need to be done, however, prior to your road trip with Fido. Do some research into pet friendly areas that you can take your pet with you, such as hotels and entertainment venues. Lucky for you, Pioneer Auto Show is pet friendly and we’d love to have your family pet join you! Here are a few road trip tips to help you have a smooth pet friendly family vacation.

Don’t leave your pet in the car
Probably the biggest rule to follow is do not leave your pet in the car. This summer has been especially hot and when it’s 90 degrees outside, it doesn’t take very long before it’s reached 140 degrees inside your car. Nothing puts a damper on your family vacation faster than your dog passing away because it was left in a hot car. Make sure there is plenty of air conditioning to keep your dog cool or take him inside places with you.

Bring food and water from home
Be sure to pack their usual food to help them stay consistent with eating. You can even portion it out to make it easier to eat on the road. Pack a travel water bottle so that if your pet wants a drink of water while in the car you don’t have to worry about it spilling out of their regular dish.

Pack plenty of toys
Long road trips can get boring, as we all know, so make sure you pack lots of your pet’s favorite toys so that they have entertainment during the long trip. This could also help your pet from getting sick. A busy puppy is a happy puppy.

Bring along updated health record and shots record
Before taking a long pet friendly family vacation, be sure to pack your pet’s shot records and an updated health certificate from your vet. It is possible that hotels where you may stay or other venues you may visit will ask if your pet has had its rabies shot, so it’s important to be able to show proof of that.

Travel on an empty stomach
Be sure to not feed your pet right before leaving town. If your pet has eaten before hitting the road, it is likely they will get sick in the car due to motion sickness. Nobody has time for cleaning that up.

Family vacations can be so much fun, especially if they are pet friendly and you can bring Fido along. Do some research before leaving on the best places to take your pet while traveling and plan ahead. Fido is always welcome here at Pioneer Auto Show.

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