Pioneer Auto Show receives commendations for great service

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By Pam Daum

The Tourism Education Council, the South Dakota Department of Tourism and Governor Mike Rounds have recognized Murdo’s Pioneer Auto Show and their employees for their outstanding service. South Dakota has a tradition of hospitality, and the Pioneer Auto Show employees have extended this tradition to visitors that have passed through their door, providing friendly service that has brought letters of praise from those receiving the service. “Many have found that extending a helping hand and giving a warm smile has its own rewards, but we want to recognize those individuals who are singled out by our visitors for going beyond what is expected,” wrote Governor Rounds.

How does an employee receive a great service commendation? The Department of Tourism has forms in the businesses, and if people have received good service at that business, they can fill the form out and send it into the SD Department of Tourism. When an employee receives their first commendation, they receive a letter from the governor and a Certificate of Recognition. Linda Thomas, Debbie Snider and Tennille Edwards have received this Certificate of Recognition.

When an employee receives a second commendation, they are awarded a Great Service Star sticker, which they can place on their Certificate of Recognition. Janet Kinsley, Darlene Wiedemer, and Doug Snider have been awarded this star. A third commendation brings a Great Service Star lapel pin, and Dave Geisler plus the whole Pioneer Auto staff have received this pin. “Great Faces” and “Great Places” is South Dakota’s slogan. There are a great bunch of people at the Pioneer Auto Museum who are helping put South Dakota on the map with their outstanding service making Murdo one of the great places to stop.

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