Winter driving tips for holiday travel

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Holiday travel is starting to get heavier and will continue to be busy through the rest of the year, but so are the chances for snow. Murphy’s Law predicts that it will snow on the day that you are planning on heading home for Christmas or New Year’s celebrations. So how do you combat that? Here are a few winter driving tips to help you make your holiday travel smooth and accident free and allow you to arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Clear Off Snow
It seems like a no brainer, but one of the biggest winter driving tips is to clear off all snow from your car. This includes not only the windwhield, but the hood, the roof, the trunk, everywhere. Large chunks of snow or ice could fly off of your car at high speeds and hit another car, possibly causing damage or an accident. Avoid accidents and take the extra time to properly and completely clear off your car before taking off on holiday travel.

Watch the Weather Forecast
Leading up to your trip, keep your eye on the weather forecast so you know what to expect. If you’re able to, adjust your travel plans for a different day to avoid hitting bad weather. Watch the weather not only where you’re leaving from and where you’re going, but also along the route that you’ll be taking to get there. This way if you can’t change your travel date, you can perhaps change your travel route to avoid bad weather as well.

Drive Cautiously
Keep normal driving techniques in mind for winter driving as well. Keep plenty of room for stopping because if you are driving on snow, it’ll be harder to stop than normal. Leave yourself a buffer so you can get out if an accident happens in front of you. If you need to slow down, do. Don’t overdrive the conditions to get there faster. Take your time; everyone at your destination would rather you arrive safely and late than injured and on time. Use your brakes carefully and never slam on them if you are driving on snow. This will cause you to spin out and lose control. Also remember not to make any sudden jerks of the steering wheel. This could also cause you to lose traction and spin out.

Holiday travel is always tricky when it starts to snow, but it is possible to arrive safely if you remember these simple winter driving tips. Be careful and arrive alive. Home will always be there and you’re family would rather you get there safely than on a stretcher. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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