Did You See That?
Our vintage car exhibit may include more than 250 classic cars, trucks and motorcycles, but what about the pieces that cannot exactly be labeled as “classic”? Those things need a place to shine as well. That is why we’ve dedicated a page to showcase a few of the unique, strange and downright bizarre collectibles we managed to add to our exclusive auto collection.

Wooden Car

The Wooden Car
People always enjoy a little elegant wood trim in their vehicles but this car takes it to another level.

The Elephant

The Elephant Fountain
If space constraints or city ordinances prevent you from having an actual elephant in the backyard, maybe this one-of-a kind fountain will be a suitable replacement.

Hot Rod Manure Spreader

The Hot Rod Manure Spreader
Got some spreadin' to do but don't have a lot of time to get it done? Send it flyin' in record time with this speedster. This hot rod would be a perfect addition to anyone’s automobile collection.


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