Prairie Town

The world-class roadside attraction includes an authentic Prairie Town. Visitors to the South Dakota classic car museum are offered a rendezvous with the past via self-guided tours through an early Midwestern, turn of the century town - complete with railroad depot, bank, general store, gas station, church, school, camera shop, butcher shop, and more.

  • Henry Ford's Garage
  • Livery Barn
  • 1900's Train Caboose
  • General Store
  • Church of the Prairie
  • Jail House
  • "Early Days" Photo Shop
  • Train Depot
  • Fire Station
  • Original Murdo Bank
  • Homesteaders Shack
  • Jack's Jewelry Store
  • WNAX Gas Station
  • Butcher Shop
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • Barber Shop

There is also a large variety of vintage tractors and stationary engines.

See old pot belly stoves, bottles of long ago and many more antique collectibles..

To visit all the buildings at THE BIG SHOW you really need to take an entire day. We welcome your return!

There's lots to see and do here at Pioneer Auto Show. Take a brief tour of our extensive classic and antique vehicle collections!

Take a break from touring the grounds and have yourself a bite to eat in our classic diner!