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Offering an experience like no other as you peruse our immense collection of vehicles, antiques, and more, you’ll find that Pioneer Auto Show is an incredibly affordable South Dakota attraction that members of the entire family can enjoy and appreciate. Whether you’re a vintage car buff looking to explore some of the rarest makes and models of vehicles in existence or a family looking to take a step back in time to the days of the Old West, Pioneer Auto Show is a destination for fun, 11 months out of the year.

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Unforgettable Attractions

From touring our collection of over 275 classic cars to enjoying a savory bite to eat at The Covered Wagon Cafe, Pioneer Auto Show is the kind of place where you’ll find great fun for the entire morning, afternoon, or even the entire day! With more fun located around every corner, Pioneer Auto Show is one of the best roadside attractions to visit for families traveling in South Dakota.

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Nearly 70 Years of Roadside Fun

Pioneer Auto Show has been serving up a slice of good American fun in Murdo since 1954. Founded by the late AJ “Dick” Geisler, Pioneer Auto Show has grown to become one of the largest roadside attractions in South Dakota. Continuing to grow our collection of automobiles, memorabilia, and other rare oddities, Pioneer Auto Show remains a roadside staple to hundreds of thousands of visitors as they traverse the Western Corridor of Interstate 90 in South Dakota.

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Unbeatable Midwestern Hospitality

Featured in countless publications, TV shows like American Pickers, and more, Pioneer Auto Show remains a pillar figure of American history that is unmatched anywhere else in the region. Thanks to our world-class Midwestern hospitality and passion for providing educational experiences for all who come and see us, Pioneer Auto Show has stood the test of time as a family-friendly attraction that has brought generations of visitors coming back again and again.

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No Visit to Pioneer Auto Show is the Same as the Last

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Continually growing our collection of iconic, rare vehicles, motorcycles, tractors, antiques, and memorabilia over time, it’s safe to say that you’ll see something new every time you come back to see us at the Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo. As avid collectors of rare and odd relics of the past, our tours are continuously changing.

Certified-Fun: As Told By Our Visitors

“Did the tour and absolutely loved it, it was so much fun! They have so many sweet old cars! Not just cars though, there are tons of awesome antiques and rare finds too! The staff members were friendly and extremely kind!!! They honked the General Lee horn and played the player piano for our young kids. Our children did not want to leave! They have a really nice gift store too. So glad we stopped, it was well worth it!!!”

“A rare treat crossing South Dakota. A must see for anyone with an interest in not just cars, but thousands of antiques as well. Something for everyone's interest. Highly recommend the Pioneer Auto Museum. Don't forget the ice cream.”

“Stopped for the truck stop across the road 10 yrs ago, and I had some time to kill so i tried out the diner, which had an awesome burger btw, and saw the sign for the auto museum but honestly thought there probably wasn’t much to it. After eating, I decided I would check out the small barely advertised museum. Boy was I wrong, he had hundreds if not thousands of beautiful classic autos, motorcycles and tractors. The older gentleman that took me around taught me more history than 12 years of public school did...Awesome experience I still talk about often to this day! Would love to take my kids there some day!”