Experience WNAX Gas Station - An Authentic 1930’s Filling Station

For decades, the gasoline filling station with the motto “Fair Price Station” provided thousands of South Dakota travelers with fuel as well as some small-town hospitality. While no longer in operation, the wood-frame antique gas station is a main focus of the Pioneer Auto Show’s historic auto town.

The family-owned classic car museum restored the longtime South Dakota landmark to its original appearance including antique gas pumps and a “WNAX Gasahol” vintage sign.

Prior to its home on the grounds of the roadside car museum, the filling station had been a fixture in the eastern town of Vivian.

The antique gas station was originally one of about 100 service stations throughout South Dakota owned by the Gurney Seed Company. Gas stations, car garages and tire repair shops along with grocery stores, millineries, creameries and salons began to pop up after the government constructed old Highway 16, known as the “Custer Battlefield, Main Street of the World” in the late 1920s.

WNAX Gas Station - Then and Now

The service station is a perfect complement to the museum’s exhibit of old classic cars, tractors and motorcycles, as well as its extensive collection of other rare antiques. While the pumping station was a loss of history for the residents of Vivian, they can revisit the old station, which is now surrounded by much more memorabilia of past times.