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Pioneer Auto Show has been a beloved roadside South Dakota tourist attraction in Murdo, South Dakota for nearly 70 years. Grown to the one-of-a-kind attraction it is today thanks to the passion for hospitality and bringing light to the past by the Geisler family, our Murdo museum is in a league of its own when it comes to instilling educational and affordable learning experiences for all to enjoy.

Not just any ordinary auto museum, Pioneer Auto Show offers unparalleled vignettes into the past with our unrivaled collections of cars, motorcycles, tractors, rare antiques, vintage oddities, and so much more. Offering an all-inclusive experience, our visitors thoroughly appreciate the breadth of opportunity that exists at our Murdo museum, while still being affordable to enjoy. Whether Murdo happens to be on the road to your destination or is your travel destination, Pioneer Auto Show welcomes you to experience our Midwestern hospitality and our beloved South Dakota tourist attraction!

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From late winter to late fall, Pioneer Auto Show welcomes thousands of visitors to feast on the behemoth South Dakota tourist attraction that we are today!

*Reminder we are located in the Central Time Zone*

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Pioneer Auto Show continually receives rave reviews from past visitors and coverage in well-known publications, TV programs, and more.
Check out some of our latest reviews below:

“The Pioneer Auto Museum is such an awesome place! From the classic cars, to the cars from movie/tv sets and all the other nostalgia in between!

They have the biggest collection of 80s lunch boxes I have ever seen! I love museums but this is my absolute favorite! My husband and I spent over 2 hours looking at everything but we could have spent much more time (we were on a time frame to get home)

Stop and visit if you see the signs while passing will not be disappointed! They also have a very nice gift shop with unique souvenirs!”

“You have to stop here and give this museum some time! It's literally a man's lifetime worth of collecting. There is enough history here to keep you busy for a few day's if you do it right.”

“A rare treat crossing South Dakota. A must see for anyone with an interest in not just cars, but thousands of antiques as well. Something for everyone's interest. Highly recommend the Pioneer Auto Museum. Don't forget the ice cream.”

“Stopped for the truck stop across the road 10 yrs ago, and I had some time to kill so I tried out the diner, which had an awesome burger btw, and saw the sign for the auto museum but honestly thought there probably wasn't much to it… The older gentleman that took me around taught me more history than 12 years of public school did...Awesome experience I still talk about often to this day! Would love to take my kids there some day!”