Experience Pioneer Auto Show’s Prairie Town: A Modern Time Machine to Day’s Past

Prepare to be teleported back in time when you visit Pioneer Auto Show’s authentic Prairie Town - a recreation of an authentic Western town! A world-class roadside attraction, visitors are in for a treat as they explore the in’s and out’s of Pioneer Auto Show’s wide assortment of historic buildings including a railroad depot, bank, general store, gas station, church, school, camera shop, butcher shop, and more. An authentic re-creation of a turn-of-the-century town in the Midwest, Prairie Town offers a once-in-a-lifetime taste of the way life once was.

Intertwined with our impressive collection of rare cars, motorcycles, tractors, machines, and so much more, you’ll feel like you’re back to living in a time that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the modern day in our Western town. What better way to disconnect from technology and stress than to admire the simplicity of life with your friends and family? Included with the price of admission to Pioneer Auto Show, prepare to be amazed by your experience in Prairie Town and see why Pioneer Auto Show is one the best sights to see in South Dakota.

And So Much More...

Check out the complete listing of Prairie Town Buildings Below:

  • Henry Ford's Garage
  • Livery Barn
  • 1900's Train Caboose
  • General Store
  • Church of the Prairie
  • Jail House
  • "Early Days" Photo Shop
  • Train Depot
  • Fire Station
  • Original Murdo Bank
  • Homesteaders Shack
  • Jack's Jewelry Store
  • WNAX Gas Station
  • Butcher Shop
  • Blacksmith Shop
  • Barber Shop
Pioneer Auto Show

Offering family fun to visitors since 1954, Pioneer Auto Show has grown to become one of the most popular attractions in South Dakota. Offering affordable family fun and the utmost Midwestern hospitality, Pioneer Auto Show is in a league of its own when it comes to providing fun for visitors of all ages. The perfect morning or afternoon adventure, our expansive property is chalk full of lessons in history.

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