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June 17, 2014 was a big day in Murdo, South Dakota. The town itself lies just off of interstate I90, in between the Black Hills and the Missouri River. This day was unique in that one attraction in particular had some special visitors. Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and the crew of the American Pickers paid a visit — for a second time — to Pioneer Auto Show.
Accompanied by a crew of about a dozen people, and for more than 11 hours, the Pickers poked, looked, checked, and negotiated. The flip of the coin returned, with Mike proving that winning a coin flip is still not his forte.

Items that the Pickers loaded into their van after successful negotiations to take back to their store in Iowa, Antique Archeology, included: knock-downs that held a previous life in a carnival, vintage signs, and the apple of Mike's eye, a rare 1914 Henderson cycle-car that he had been thinking about since their visit to Pioneer Auto two years ago. Also picked was a rare 1959 Lloyd Meyer station wagon.

Dave Geisler Sr., owner of Pioneer Auto Show said," It was a long day, but quite successful and fun." He went on to say, "We feel privileged that they came to Pioneer a second time. That makes us the only stop they have ever been twice!"

The show, named "Talk Nice to Me" aired in November, and is expected to re-run throughout 2015 on the History Channel.

Since the show first aired, Pioneer Auto Show has been inundated with inquiries as to if items seen in different scenes of the show are for sale. With its constantly changing and growing inventory, most items are up for negotiation. Visitors to the museum see new things each time they visit, which makes Pioneer Auto Show a unique experience every time.
About Pioneer Auto Show
With more than 300 vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles, the Pioneer Auto Show & Prairie Town is one of the largest, privately-owned auto shows open to the public with 42 buildings of exhibits, 60 tractors, 60 motorcycles, toys, animations & music machines and an entire Prairie Town. The famed South Dakota car museum also carries a wide range of antique collectibles and a famous collection of Zeitner rocks, gems and fossils. For additional information, visit www.pioneerautoshow.com.

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