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Model cars, retro clocks, John Deere memorabilia — shop for gifts online

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Everyone has a friend or family member on their list that is impossible to shop for. This person generally expresses no desire for a particular gift, or in some cases they have such a unique interest that you don't even know where to begin.

At Pioneer Auto Show, we are famous for our big toys, like classic cars, motorcycles and John Deere tractors. These big ticket items won't fit most people's holiday budget, but replicas of the real things are available at a price almost anyone can afford.

Our die cast autos are model cars that are life like miniatures of the classics that inspired them. Timeless vehicles like the 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo, 1970 Dodge Cornet and 1972 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am are just a few of the models to choose from.

Customers can browse our website,, and choose from all sorts of replica items, classic toys, retro clocks, memorabilia and much more.

We boast a selection of decorative street signs that show your true colors, whether you are a Chevy or Ford fan.

There is a complete line of nostalgic gifts including anything from a Roy Rodgers clock to a James Dean coffee mug.

If there's one gift you can't go wrong with, it's a t-shirt. Pioneer Auto's online collection has a selection of graphic tees embroidered with classic cars like the Mustang, Camaro, and Pontiac GTO.

Give the gift of knowledge with an informative and entertaining book that your loved one will actually want to read. Pioneer Auto's online catalog features titles geared primarily towards the history of cars.

If you are shopping for a memorabilia collector or a classic car enthusiast this holiday season, start by visiting our website for these and many more collectable items. You are likely to find a nice surprise at a reasonable price.

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Pioneer Auto Show has variety to purchase-from cars to Betty Boop

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Even with the possibility of the United States slipping into another recession in 2011, art and antiques prices around the world are rising, according to a 2010 British survey. Investors are looking for safe places to put their funds.

The survey reported a 17% increase in the prices of art and antiques, with silver and jewelry the strongest sectors due to the rising values of precious metals. Art was another strong sector.

"Even with a rough economy, arts and antiques have remained pretty resilient as an investment," said Dave Geisler, owner of Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, S.D.

At Pioneer Auto Show's Hallmark Gift Shop, there are over 4,500 square feet of collectibles for 50s enthusiasts. Visitors can shop for antiques and other souvenirs such as:

• Betty Boop
• Marilyn Monroe
• James Dean
• Elvis
• Specialty cars, caps, and road signs
• T-shirts
• Motorcycle and harley corner
• Antique Coca-Cola products
• Antique toys and other collectibles
• John Deere and other antique farm memorabilia
• Books from yesteryear to today
• Beautiful Black Hills jewelry
• Salt & pepper shakers, cookie jars, napkin holders, piggy banks and more

Pioneer Auto Show's online gift shop can be found at, and users can browse for an even wider variety of vintage antiques, from toys to retro clocks to boot hooks to items for the home such as calendars.

"Visit us and see our 42 buildings of exhibits, then buy your valuable antiques in our gift shop. Or go online and look at our options there. We are the headquarters for your unique antique investments," Geisler said.

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Automobilia - Where Automobiles and Memorabilia Meet

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You may have seen them cruising the streets in their speedsters and leather jackets, or spotted their vintage glass globes lighting up their garage. I'm referring to automobile memorabilia enthusiasts, and they're here to stay. This group of collectors keeps the classic car legacy alive with a lifestyle filled with old-fashion spirit and automobilia.

The legends of muscle cars and gasoline globe lights live on with a fascinating and every-growing collection of automobilia. "Automobilia" is a newer term that combines the words "automobile" and "memorabilia" to describe the collection of historical, vintage automobiles, tractors and related relics. Gathered more for value than practical use, these nostalgic collectables pride their owners as they show, sell, or trade their automobilia amongst other enthusiasts.

Recently automobilia has become more popular via the Internet with automobile-based websites providing directories, auction listings, and selling vintage merchandise. This Internet presence has allowed the automobilia culture to evolve into a dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate environment. With a new online presence, enthusiasts can shop, share ideas and events, and learn about different cars and merchandise available.

Dave Geisler, owner of the South Dakota automobile museum Pioneer Auto commented, "We see people everyday who love to learn about and collect automobilia." He explained that the Internet has helped expand the craze and awareness of quality vintage automobiles. "We enjoy having online automobilia resources so enthusiasts can shop online from anywhere until they find the nostalgic treasure they're looking for," he continued.

This trend of automobilia has been around for decades, and now through the Internet, the ease of shopping and community relationships are growing tremendously. Next time you see a classic car cruising the street or vintage collectables, you can enjoy and appreciate the enthusiasts that have kept this thrilling part of history alive.

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A look at antique gas globes

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Growing in popularity over the last 20 years, Petroliana is the collection of antiques related to oil and gas stations. Among collecting of items like antique gas pumps, oil cans and vintage gas station signs, there is also a rising interest in antique gas globes.

Gas globes are a rare item among collectors of Petroliana. For many years before World War II, gas globes were placed on top of free standing gas pumps. The gas globes were used for two main reasons, to help with lighting at individual gas pumps and to advertise which type of gas was sold at that particular station.

The development of glass globes makes these pieces unique to collectors. Gas globes were made from a ring of metal with lenses mounted on either side. But the process in which they were designed is what makes them so interesting.

"You can notice most of the glass globes have very rich colors that go from edge to edge with little fancy design involved; this was due to the silk screen process. With silk screen processing, only certain colors could be chosen for logos and design," states David Geisler, Owner of Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, SD.

"We love to see people from all over the nation stopping in to shop through the vintage collector's items and watch their face light up when they find what they came for. With technology advances, we are now able to offer some of that experience on our website, making the collector's quest more possible," says this rustic enthusiast.

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Classic Motorcycles at Pioneer Auto Show Attract Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Travelers

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With the promise of another sizzling August on the northern Plains, motorcycle enthusiasts from across the nation will travel through South Dakota intent on destinations like Yellowstone and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Lying astride the Interstate 90 corridor midway between Sioux Falls and Rapid City is the town of Murdo. Here bikers will find the world famous Pioneer Auto Show known for its extensive display of classic cars. In addition, Pioneer Auto is also host to a fine collection of antique motorcycles.

"Motorcycles have always brought people together who otherwise may not relate," said Dave Geisler, owner and operator of this I-90 attraction. "Those seeking a break from the miles and interested in the history and preservation of antique motorcycles will be attracted to our extensive motorcycle exhibit."

This classic motorcycle collection appeals to anyone from the two-wheel wind set, starting with a 1914 Indian twin cylinder continuing to a 1936 Harley Davidson and to a 1986 three-wheeled motorized bike.

The motorcycle collection at this South Dakota attraction includes Elvis Presley's personal Harley Davidson. With Elvis' name still on the title and only 1200 miles, the cycle is a popular feature in the classic motorcycle showroom.

Additionally, a 1943 Indian Papoose, and a 1947 and 1948 Whizzer, always draws a crowd. A Cushman Eagle, a 1964 Honda Dream and a 1965 Honda Dream 305 are also in the antique motorcycle display at this family attraction.

"This time of year, with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the bulk of our visitors share two qualities: a desire for a short break from the wind and an admiration for classic motorcycles," said Dave. "We hope we appeal to both interests."

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The History of the Automobile through Antique Cars

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A tour through the Pioneer Auto Show is testimony to America's love affair with the automobile. This eye-misting historical survey begins with the 1902 Curve Dash Olds, continues through Packards from the 30s and 40s, and arrives at muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. A circuit of the display guarantees a warmly nostalgic re-examination of the American car.

"Our extensive collection of antique cars tells the history and evolution of the twentieth century automobile, showcasing the American capacity for invention, innovation and variation," says Dave Geisler, owner of the world famous Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, South Dakota.

A glance at this auto museum's 1906 Ford Model N, betrays the fragility of early antique cars. When first introduced, the car was seen as more of a novelty than an efficient means of conveyance as this early automobile experienced frequent breakdowns - a result of bad roads and poor engineering.

Reliability furnished by enclosed bodies and standardized controls made vintage cars of the 1920s more widely acceptable. The Auto Show's 1928 Paige-Detroit, six- cylinder, four door, sedan, features this sense of added security. Examples of this solid design are also shown in the museum's two 1937 Super Charged Cords.

Power, speed, and design - classic cars of the 1940s and 50s, like the museum's 1955 Ford Thunderbird V-8 with overdrive, exemplify luxury and performance and are marked by technological advancements — most of the mechanical technology continues to be used in today's automobiles.

Restorable muscle cars, one of the milestones in the history of the automobile, represent the final paragon of owner satisfaction. An example of this is the 1968 Shelby Mustang Fastback - the popularity of its sleek lines and dependable design are clear evidence that the American automobile had truly arrived. The 1970 GTO Judge Convertible demonstrates that modern efficient technology can provide it all: durability, safety, convenience and fashion.

Showcasing the history of the automobile, a tour through the Pioneer Auto Show is not just a sentimental tour of an impressive gaggle of collector cars, but a material reminder of the true American spirit.

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Coca-Cola Collectables

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For many Americans, an entire culture can thrive around Coca-Cola. Did you know that the exact formula for Coke has always been a trade secret, and that the original copy is held in a bank in Atlanta? There's a popular myth that only two executives have access to it, with each executive knowing only half the formula. The truth is that each has the entire formula, and others know the formulation process. It is no wonder that, with stories like this, Coca-Cola collectibles have developed an almost mystical attraction.

"Many collectors of Coke memorabilia that I meet collect anything from Coca-Cola clocks, lamps, signs, post cards and pens to playing cards, coasters, and even Coke salt and pepper shakers. It can be a very enjoyable pastime," said Dave Geisler, proprietor of Pioneer Auto Show. "Our visitors come from far and wide, not only to see our classic cars, but to see and procure other major collectables like the wide range of Coke memorabilia."

Collecting can bring families and friends together. Coke spans many generations, so there is practically something for everyone. Those who love antiques and history might collect classic Coca-Cola memorabilia to take a walk down memory lane. Then there are those who are fans of pop-culture that keep limited edition Coke collectables to admire. Not only does collecting provide opportunities to connect when tracking down something specific, but it fosters communication around a common interest.

Whatever the motivation for acquiring Coke collectibles, participation in this fascinating pastime immerses people in a wonderful American subculture. Collecting Coca-Cola keepsakes can be more than a delightful hobby; it may become a beautiful obsession.

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Murdo in May - Still a Success 20 Years Later

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Murdo in May which includes a car show, car auction and huge antique auction.This year it was a milestone — the 20th anniversary. The event this year was held May 25, 26 and 27th.

The attendance throughout the weekend was estimated to be near 2,500 people. With the population of Murdo normally hanging at around 533 people, that's a lot of out-of-towners checking out what the car show, car auction and mega variety auction, had to offer.

The car show on Main Street was sponsored by the Murdo Chamber of Commerce. There was 50's music for all to hear, and delicious food was provided by the Turner Youth Group. All of the cars and tractors made it a great ride.

The antique car auction, which took place on Saturday, May 26, was operated by the McPherson Auction Co. out of Rapid City, SD. Although the skies were foggy and gray, spirits and paint colors were bright.

Dave Geisler Sr., owner of the Pioneer Auto Museum said, "One of the highlights for me was a really nice '39 Buick street rod that sold to someone from Rapid City. That was really nice to see."

The antique and collectable auction on the final day was also quite successful, with most items being scooped up by those from near and far. Check out some of Pioneer Auto's vintage items from their gift shop at

Geisler now has time to rest and prepare for the 21st Murdo in May, which promises more vintage cars, antiques, collectables and lots of fun!

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