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Enjoy Cheap Travel by Building Your Own Travel Van

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Spending a month or two driving across the country - exploring national parks, adventuring in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, relaxing on pristine coastal beaches - sounds like a fantastic dream. The reality however, generally has something to do with the expense of a trip like that. We simply can’t afford that kind of travel. Or can we? What if we could cut out all of the lodging costs? What if we didn’t have to eat out at restaurants? What if we could simply travel city to city, or park to park, and pull into a campground each night? Those are some things we could get on board with!

That’s where the travel van comes in. For the sake of this article, and our wallets, we’re going to keep this idea pretty basic. There won’t be a bunch of talk about stand up showers or indoor plumbing. You won’t see any sophisticated entertainment options, or feng shui inspired interiors. We’re keeping it bare bones. That’s how we’ll be able to afford this epic adventure.

We think we have this idea pretty well thought out after doing some research, and that this dream can be put into real life by following these fairly simple steps:

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