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Are you looking for fun things to do on a road trip? Pioneer Auto Show provides fun activities for the whole family.

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The weather is changing to cooler temperatures, but that doesn't mean you are limited for fun things to do on a road trip. Why not check out some Murdo Attractions? Murdo is a small friendly town. People usually just pass through Murdo when traveling, but there are things in Murdo that may interest you this time of the year. Pioneer Auto Show is a definite stop that you won't want to miss in Murdo.
The Pioneer Auto Show is an attraction that is sure to be fun for everyone in the family. At the world famous Pioneer Show we have an exhibit of over 250 classic cars that range from trucks and motorcycles. We have three popular classic cars that are on display right now which include 1903 Ford Model A, 1907 Middleby, and a 1904 Holsman Model K.

Classic cars are not the only thing that you will experience at the Pioneer Auto show though. At Pioneer Auto Show we also offer a treasure hunt for the kids. At each stop you will need to search for a sticker that matches the picture on the map. If you can find all the stickers that complete the map then you can pick up a prize at the front entrance.

Pioneer Auto Show is just one of the many attractions to see when you stop in Murdo. There are many other places to stop and it will be fun for the whole family. A few things that may interest you here in Murdo are:

South Dakota's Original 1880 town- When walking around the 1880 town you will feel like you are in a different world. The 1880 town has more than 30 buildings authentically furnished with thousands of relic. You will have a "life on the prairie," experience. Some of the memorabilia at the 1880 town was used in films such as "Dances with Wolves." The 1880 town is located 22 miles west of Murdo off of interstate 90 exit 170. It is a bit of a drive, but worth it what all it has to offer.

Tennis and Basketball- For outdoor entertainment there are tennis and basketball courts. Why not make a stop and play a game with your family? The courts were just renovated to provide better atmosphere for everyone. You can even make a stop in the dark because the court is lit up.

North Dam- This recreation area is a perfect stop for some fishing. Why not relax in Murdo and enjoy some fishing? The natural dam has several boat ramps for water skiing, fishing and boating. You can enjoy activities here year round.

Murdo is a wonderful stop for family adventure. At Pioneer Auto Show we want to make everyone feel welcome. You can also bring in your pets. They shouldn't have to miss out on the fun. At Pioneer Auto Show we also have a rock collection, an antique gas station called the "WNAX Gasahol," and a wonderful diner. Our restaurant is a 1950 theme with a small-town atmosphere. This all-American classic diner has a tradition of serving good burgers, thick shakes, sub sandwiches, daily specials and a selection of other popular menu items. For further information visit or call us at (605) 669-2691. We are here to make your family trip memorable.

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