American cars vs. foreign cars

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Whenever buying a car or looking at classic cars, the question always posed is “Is this an American or foreign made car?” There are numerous differences between American cars and foreign made cars and most people who prefer one won’t drive the other, and vice versa. While there are benefits to each one, as well as downfalls, the difference between the two are always worth noting. Here are a few of the differences that we have noted between American cars and foreign made cars.

By taking a look at cars made in the 21st century, American cars can be described as those that are produced by a manufacturer based in the U.S., no matter where they were manufactured. Foreign cars can be defined as cars that are manufactured either inside or outside the U.S. by a foreign based company.

Reliability is often cited as one of the big differences between American cars and foreign cars. In numerous studies, foreign cars were regularly cited as being more reliable. Numerous studies have shown that nine out of ten cars made by a Japanese maker were more reliable, where just one was from the U.S. manufacturer Ford. However, surprisingly, in research done in March 2010, researchers found that most buyers prefer U.S. cars over foreign ones. In fact, 38 percent of people said that U.S. cars are better, while 33 percent said that Asian cars are better.

Another key difference between foreign cars and American cars is the use of different car parts, while American cars are presumed to be less costly than those of foreign cars. Currently, car parts are manufactured mostly in other countries and shipped to the U.S., which is why they tend to make car parts in America, especially due to the higher labor cost.

Stylistically, there are a few differences between foreign cars and American cars. In the past, foreign cars have been known for their top notch aesthetics, lines, and style offerings. American cars have come in second in stylings compared to foreign cars, however, with the popularization of the American muscle car, domestic buyers have had more options than ever before.

Other differences between the two include prices (both those to make and those to buy), theft rates, car insurance rates, engine size, etc.

The ultimate test between foreign cars and American cars really comes down to a personal preference. Depending on what you choose, each car offers its own benefits and its own drawbacks, so choose based on what you prefer. Stop by Pioneer Auto to walk around see our wide selection of both American cars and foreign cars and see what you prefer.

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