Antique mall shopping tips

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Antique shops and antique malls usually hold a variety of objects, from old vintage items that could be considered trash to some and treasure to others, to items that are truly treasures hidden in the rough of seemingly trash objects. Finding what you need at an antique mall can be considered a gift to many people and a gift that we seem to have mastered. Pioneer Auto Show has collected its own array of antiques through the years that are available for you to parous, but if you want to go out and try your hand at antique mall shopping, here are a few tips to make the most of it and get your money’s worth.

  • Know when to haggle. If a price tag says ‘firm’ then chances are you’re not going to get a better deal, however, if it doesn’t, feel free to try and work out a better price. Even if the dealers are available to haggle, take the item or the tag to the front counter and make a different offer or ask for a discount. Many times dealers make arrangements with antique mall staff in advance, so your chances of getting a discount if you just ask are pretty good. If you really want an item to be brought down, wait a few weeks to see if they’ll go down on price. Chances are the longer it’s there, they’ll go down on price, however, you will run the risk of losing that item, so make sure you’re okay with that.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Shopping in antique malls require a lot of walking and different temperatures. Wear layers that you can take off and put back on, and wear shoes without heels. It’s a good idea to also get a purse that slings over your shoulders so you can carry it easier.
  • Inspect any item at antique shops for damage before purchasing them. If it is damaged, assess whether you’ll be able to fix it and whether it’ll be worth the cost to fix it. It would also be worth asking for a discount on damaged items.
  • Don’t buy lamps or other electrical objects from antique malls without first plugging them in and testing them out first to ensure that they work.
  • As you’re shopping various antique malls, make a note of your favorite booths and vendors so you can revisit them on your next antique shops trip.
  • Before setting out on a serious antiquing trip, make sure you do your homework. A lot of items in antique shops won’t be worth a ton, however, there will be the few items that are worth a lot more than they’re priced (or vice versa) and knowing the ins and outs of the business will help you make an informed decision.

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