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You may have seen them cruising the streets in their speedsters and leather jackets, or spotted their vintage glass globes lighting up their garage. I'm referring to automobile memorabilia enthusiasts, and they're here to stay. This group of collectors keeps the classic car legacy alive with a lifestyle filled with old-fashion spirit and automobilia.

The legends of muscle cars and gasoline globe lights live on with a fascinating and every-growing collection of automobilia. "Automobilia" is a newer term that combines the words "automobile" and "memorabilia" to describe the collection of historical, vintage automobiles, tractors and related relics. Gathered more for value than practical use, these nostalgic collectables pride their owners as they show, sell, or trade their automobilia amongst other enthusiasts.

Recently automobilia has become more popular via the Internet with automobile-based websites providing directories, auction listings, and selling vintage merchandise. This Internet presence has allowed the automobilia culture to evolve into a dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate environment. With a new online presence, enthusiasts can shop, share ideas and events, and learn about different cars and merchandise available.

Dave Geisler, owner of the South Dakota automobile museum Pioneer Auto commented, "We see people everyday who love to learn about and collect automobilia." He explained that the Internet has helped expand the craze and awareness of quality vintage automobiles. "We enjoy having online automobilia resources so enthusiasts can shop online from anywhere until they find the nostalgic treasure they're looking for," he continued.

This trend of automobilia has been around for decades, and now through the Internet, the ease of shopping and community relationships are growing tremendously. Next time you see a classic car cruising the street or vintage collectables, you can enjoy and appreciate the enthusiasts that have kept this thrilling part of history alive.

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