Christmas gift ideas for road trippers

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Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s time for gift giving. Instead of giving the usual gifts of gift cards, try out some of these unique road trip gifts for the road tripper in your life. Make your Christmas a personable experience this year with these fun gift ideas for road trippers.

Eye mask and ear plugs
The hardcore road trippers will usually sleep in not-so-common places, such as hostels and noisy motels. An eye mask and some ear plugs will do them wonders to help them get a good night’s sleep. Their travel companions will thank you, too, when they’re more enjoyable to be on the road with.

Portable speaker
No road trip is complete without some music, so one of our favorite gift ideas for road trippers is a portable speaker. You can go the extra mile and get them a Bluetooth enabled speaker to ensure that no matter what hotel room or campground they stay at, they’ll always have jams going.

Portable Car Charger
Having your phone is crucial when you’re on the road, not only for pictures, but also for navigating. Keeping that phone charged is important, so having a portable car charger is important, especially when you’re camping. Portable car chargers are the road trip gifts that keep on giving.

Healthy snacks
Eating on the road is difficult, so one of the best gift ideas for road trippers is a selection of healthy snacks that last without being refrigerated so they have some choices without paying for gas station or drive through food all the time.

Staying entertained while on the road is hard, especially if you’re traveling alone. Gift them a membership to Audible or some audiobooks on CD to keep them engaged and awake during the trip. On the same token, a subscription to a music streaming service would also be beneficial to help keep them focused.

Roadside Emergency Kit
Let’s face it, accidents happen. Preparing your car for a cross-country trip is important, but the unexpected will still happen. Making sure your friend is prepared with a roadside emergency kit is something any road tripper will be thankful for. Jumper cables, cones, flashlights, and a blanket are important to ensure safety on the road.

Admission to the Pioneer Auto Show
Let’s be honest, one of the best gifts for road trippers you can gift is an admission to Pioneer Auto Show. Stop in and check out our large collection of antique cars, motorcycle, tractors, and numerous historical items. We’re any road trippers dream come true!

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