Fall riding tips for a late motorcycle ride

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Fall is one of the best times to take a motorcycle ride through not only the Black Hills, but many other parts of the country. The changing leaves add a nice touch to any ride and are always worth getting out to see. But doing for a motorcycle ride in the fall can have its own set of challenges that riders must face and be ready for. Changing temperatures and the possibility of snow or rain all present themselves to riders, so here are a few tips on how to take a very enjoyable motorcycle ride in the fall.

Watch out for leaves
Not only are the leaves starting to change colors, but they’re starting to fall. The cool temperatures in the mornings lead to condensation and sometimes frost on the ground, which could leave leaves that have fallen wet and dangerous to ride over and could cause your bike to slide. Furthermore, dry leaves could pile up on the road and cover things that you, as a rider, need to be aware of. Slow down when you’re approaching a pile of leaves on your motorcycle ride, wet or dry.

Watch out for deer
Fall means the deer start coming out in full force and are more brave while looking for food. This is great news for hunters, however, bad news if you’re on a motorcycle ride. Deer are very dangerous to encounter whether you’re in a car or on a motorcycle. Stay alert at dusk and dawn since deer are more active at this time and always wear all of your protective gear to ensure your as safe as possible.

Proper gear is a lifesaver
Fall weather is very unpredictable, especially in South Dakota. Weather can go from warm and sunny to snowing in just a day, so the gear that you wear on a motorcycle ride is crucial. Leather is your best friend this season, as it will keep you warm and will help cut the cool, brisk wind that fall brings. Also remember to always have all of your gear with you, in case you end up riding after the sun goes down. Fall nights are much cooler than in the summer, so be sure to have gloves and a hat or helmet with you as well to help keep you warm as you ride home.

Check the weather forecast
Fall weather is constantly changing, so be sure to always check the weather forecast before going out for a motorcycle ride. It can easily go from sunny to snowing in just a few hours, so it’s important to know what to expect and to plan accordingly so you don’t get caught in a dangerous situation.

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