Packing tricks to help you plan a road trip

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Trying to plan a road trip requires planning not only the things you are going to go do, sights you’re going to see, and meals you’re going to enjoy, but also planning what you’re going to take with you. Whether you’re a pack rat who takes everything but the kitchen sink with you, or a minimalist who takes only the necessities with you, here are a few packing tricks to help you save time and space on any road trip you’re taking this summer.

Protect Your Clothes from Getting Dirty
There are a few packing tricks to help keep your belongings in tip top shape. Tear off small pieces of Saran Wrap and take off the lid of your toiletries. Place the plastic wrap on top of the bottle and screw the lid back on. This will prevent things from spilling. Another good packing trick is to use a shower cap to wrap your shoes in to keep dirt and mud from getting on your clothes.

Make Large Items Smaller
There’s no need to take an entire economy size bottle of shampoo and condition with you when you only need two days’ worth. When you plan a road trip, compartmentalize things like lotions, shampoo, conditioner, and soap into smaller containers so they take up less space. You can use empty prescription bottles that you have lying around to save space and money. You can also use extra contact lens cases for lotions and soaps. This will come in handy especially if you’re flying and your luggage gets lost.

Roll Your Clothes
This is one of the packing tricks that many people don’t realize works as well as it does. Instead of lying all of your clothes down flat in your suitcase, roll them to save room. By rolling them, you create more room, so your husband can’t get mad when you pack 10 outfits for 5 days. If you are packing extra pairs of shoes, pack your socks and underwear inside the shoes to save on precious space.

Be Careful with Jewelry
For women, when you plan a road trip, that usually also includes packing jewelry to go with each outfit. Traveling with multiple necklaces and pairs of earrings can be tricky. If you have multiple necklaces to take, keep them from tangling by laying them between two pieces of cling wrap. You can also string one side of your necklace through a straw if you have a delicate necklace to take so it doesn’t get tangled in itself. To keep pairs of earrings together, stick pairs through buttons or use pill boxes to keep them separated. The pill box will also keep them from getting scratched during your travels.

We hope your road trip brings you to Murdo and a stop at the Pioneer Auto Museum. Travel safe and have fun!

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