Teaching kids car maintenance

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As they grow up, teaching kids becomes even more important. It’s important to teach them a wide range of skills, everything from how to walk to tying their shoes to reading and writing. Teaching kids basic car maintenance is crucial to their later success because they ultimately will one day own a car, and teaching them that they can take care of basic things themselves can save them a lot of time and money later in life. Here are a few basic car maintenance things that adults should be teaching kids.

Oil Change
An oil change is a simple thing to learn and in the long run could save lots of money by being able to do it yourself. Teaching kids how to change the oil in a car can start young. Start small by showing them how to remove the dipstick, clean it with an old rag, reinsert it, and check it again to see where the oil line is. Young children can easily do this and as they grow up, teach them the act of changing the oil. Just make sure the engine is cool first.

Tire Wear
One of the most basic car maintenance things you can work on teaching kids is how to check tire wear. Show them how to insert a quarter into the tire’s tread and explain to them that if the rim of the quarter disappears, there is enough wear left in it and it’s safe to drive on. Children can easily reach the tires, so this is an easy piece of car maintenance to teach them at a young age.

Windshield Wipers
This is one of those necessary car maintenance things that we tend to forget about until we really need them to work. Teaching kids early how to change windshield wipers when they need it will help them when they have their own cars. Show them how to purchase the right size and then how to change them out. It’s a simple fix that often gets overlooked.

How to use jumper cables
When they break down, they’ll be thanking you for this one! Teach your kids to always carry jumper cables in their car with them and then how to use them. This can be a costly mistake if they do not use them properly, so be sure to practice connecting them often to really get them to understand and remember the order. Repetition is king here. Teaching kids how to use jumper cables could not only save their butt someday, but a friend’s as well.

Teaching kids proper car maintenance tricks will help them immensely down the road. These are just a few, but be sure to start them young and the more they learn, the better they’ll be when they get a car of their own.

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