Tractor safety tips

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It’s important to practice proper safety procedures when operating any machinery, but especially large, heavy machinery, such as tractors. Pioneer Auto Show has a large variety of tractors on display, over 60 to be exact. All of the tractors are on display for viewing during business hours, but how do you properly handle one of these pieces of machinery? Here are a few safety tips to follow when operating a tractor on your own farm.

Make sure it’s always well maintained
It’s important to ensure that your tractor is well maintained. The oil should be checked regularly, broken parts should be replaced immediately, if something isn’t working the tractor should not be used. A broken down tractor could pose a significant danger to those who are operating it, so if there is a problem, make sure the problem is taken care of quickly and properly before trying to use it again.

Know your tractor
Know how to operate your tractor and really get to know it. Read the operator’s manual and know how everything on your tractor works to ensure you can operate it properly and don’t run into any problems.

Keep children away
Kids, will tend to be naturally drawn to tractors to explore them and get up close to see if they’re just like their counterparts in cartoons. However, a real tractor is not a good thing for a child to be near. Be sure to practice proper tractor safety procedures to keep kids safe. Kids may be disappointed they can’t get close, but they will forget the moment quickly.

Use common sense
Some things like don’t leave the tractor while it’s still running, don’t be in a hurry, etc. seem silly to say, but they’re good tractor safety tips to reinforce. Never start the tractor in a closed garage or shed. If it’s running, always stay on the tractor. Never refuel the tractor while it is running. Always think safety first. If it doesn’t seem like a good idea, it probably isn’t.

Take normal safety precautions
Simple things like wearing a seatbelt still apply here. Make sure if your tractor comes equipped with one, that you wear your seatbelt. Also, always use roll-over protection in the event that something happens. Don’t allow passengers on the tractor with you. Also watch what you wear; don’t wear loose fitting clothes or things that could get caught in the wind.

Tractors are highly useful and always fun to learn more about and use, but proper tractor safety is also very important. Stop by and see our large collection of tractors and learn a bit of history about them.

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